Stanley Bong



Fully demountable bong with unique serial number
2x anti odor cover lids
3x hygienic mouthpiece – black, white, blue (dishwasher washable)
10x steel screens
Cleaning Kit


Height: 56 inches
Weight: 29.8 pounds
Water Volume: 280 fluid ounces
Materials: Crystal, borosilicate glass, aluminum alloy, stainless steel

About the Brand

Long-Bong is a manufacturer of the biggest bongs in the world. The company specializes in bongs and water pipes that are crafted with utmost precision and care, all made with perfect attention to detail.

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The Biggest Bong In The World
Standing at nearly 56 inches tall the Stanley from Long-Bong is a tall drink of water. Not only is this bong most likely the biggest one you or any of your friends have ever seen, it is also fully functional. The entire bong can be completely disassembled for easier cleaning and transportation. Each bong comes with a unique serial number so you know that your very own Long Bong really was built specifically for you.

Note: This item ships from Europe and takes 10 to 15 business days for delivery.


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