Rocket Ship Dual Use Bong


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Empire Glassworks was established in 2013 to cater to the vaping and smoking accessories market. The glass artists at Empire have over 40 years of experience with crafting exquisite figurines, borosilicate beads, and metal-infused trinkets for the high-end jewelry community. With those skills and that to inspire them, Empire Glassworks has been able to create a full line of hand-crafted vaping and smoking accessories, including bongs, dab rigs, dabbing tools, hand pipes and water pipe accessories. Their work is colorful and very pop cultural, and every piece they make is hand blown in California. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to support smaller batch glassmakers and artists like Empire Glassworks.

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Empire Glassworks might have started in 2013, but their artists and owners have more than 40 years experience when it comes to glassblowing and it shows with this piece. This intricate rocket ship themed dual use water pipe with dropdown is truly a piece of art that also happens to produce an amazing smoking experience. First of all you have your choice of what you want to smoke as the bong comes with both a male bowl for herbs and tobacco and a female honey bucket nail for oils and concentrates. Both are 14mm male and resemble planets with their own rings and moons. Whether you pick the honey bucket or the bowl, they both fit into the 14mm female joint of the dropdown which connects you to the main chamber. The dropdown allows you to heat your nail or bowl further from the bong to protect your face and to prevent any stress fractures to the glass.

Next it filters through a honeycomb perc and works its way up the body of the bong. The entire water pipe is a rocket itself complete with two rocket boosters on each side that both look awesome and can function as handles. Both of these boosters are made with dichroic glass which are the results of NASA using multiple micro-layers of metal oxides and fusing them with other glass in multiple firings. Basically your water pipe has space glass in it and it does not get much cooler than that. Each piece is unique because dichroic glass can never be exactly reproduced. Also Empire Glassworks blows all of their glass by hand so each piece is its own. Inside the body of your rocket shaped bong there is another mini rocket that sits upon a small worked glass galaxy. The mouthpiece, which is also the point of the rocket, has a black rim that matches its circular flat base. An Empire Glassworks logo is on the front of the rocket which is made in California with thick glass.


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