Gremlin Dab Rig



Thick glass
Made by a small batch producer in the USA
Durable and stylish


Height: 8.5″
Base Width: 4.5″
Joint: 14mm female joint
Material: Borosilicate glass
Glass Thickness: 5mm

About the Brand

Heady glass artist Zink is known for making intricate and quirky water pipes. Zink uses a bell-shaped flask bong as the basis for his heady glass and then incorporates creature-shaped downstems and worked glass accents. Zink’s heady pieces don’t sacrifice utility for style as each of his pieces are made of sturdy glass and have wide, stable bases.  All Zink pieces are hand blown in America.  SmokeSmith Gear is proud to offer Zink pieces.

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Gremlins and water can finally come together with this heady dab rig from Zink. This worked glass pipe features a spooky slyme-green monster in its chamber that also acts as a fixed downstem to filter your vapor. The 14mm joint and flared mouthpiece share the same slyme-green color. On the outside of the dab rig is a black horn accent accompanied by a sinister black hand. Two maria rings ensure you’ll always have a good grip of your water pipe. With that in mind, make sure you grab this pipe today! All of Zink’s heady glass is made in America.


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