GH Pro 340




The New GH 340 is specifically designed for supplemental lighting in greenhouses. It features a very small shadow effect yet covers a large area. The GH 340 is chainable and as many as 10 lights can be run from a single power drop to save on installation costs. It also features wireless two-channel spectrum control and integrates with a wireless photo sensor for automated dimming depending on the amount of sunlight available. The GH 340 uses passive cooling with no fans and has an IP rating of 65. Draws 340 watts max with up to 3.0 μmol / joule efficiency.

Industry-leading efficiency; up to 3.0 micromoles per joule
Wireless two-channel variable spectrum control
Integrates with wireless photo sensor; automatic light balancing
Chainable; up to 10 fixtures from one power drop
Fully integrated drivers; no external driver boxes to install
Compact design minimizes shadow effect
Passive cooling
5-year warranty; made in California


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