Dual Use Monsoon Water Pipe


About The Brand

Based in Arizona, Chameleon Glass is a family owned and operated producer of high quality glass tobacco accessories, designed and manufactured by some of the most talented glass blowers in the United States. They specialize in American made glass pipes, bubblers and accessories and having been creating top quality glass pieces since 1991. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of Chameleon Glass.

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Chameleon Glass has taken their signature spoon bubbler–the Monsoon–and created a dab rig version for use with legal concentrates and essential oils. This dual use water pipe contains a flat circular base, featuring the signature Monsoon design branching upwards to the mouthpiece. It contains a circular glass stand for added support. Made from thick, clear scientific glass, this vapor rig is not only functional and unique looking but also highly durable. This water pipe features a 14mm polished male joint and includes a polished 14mm female bowl as well as a domeless quartz nail. Like all Chameleon Glass products, the Dual Use Monsoon Pipe is hand blown right here in America.


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